Godard 21's Cinephile journal

Monday, July 31, 2006

My first post for this film blog

Given my horrible experiences with my blog at myspace (mainly, not being able to access my account), I have moved here to this foreign land to start anew.

Basically, this blog will be a film journal/blog in which I will post whatever random thoughts about cinema which pops into my head or occasionally events in my uneventful life. I will post film reviews of new films or whatever film I watch, film news, bring attention to upcoming films of interest, provide links to new trailer releases, or simply write about a specific topic regarding film. I may also mock the horrible state of comercial cinema if it pleases my fancy.

If you wish to glance at my very few past blog posts at myspace (which I had just created, so don't expect much) or at my myspace profile, here is a link to my myspace page.


So, hopefully, this new blog environment will treat me better than Rupert Murdoch's cyber cesspool, also known as myspace. I have nothing to post as of yet and it is rather late, but I will probably post later some film news regarding the upcoming Venice film festival lineup and point out the various films I can't wait to see.