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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Film trailers for this week

Due to the chaos that is university life, I have failed to update this blog as frequently as I wished. In order to compensate, here are a few trailers soon to be followed by a review of Pan's Labyrinth (a Mexican fantasy tale for adults).

First, here is a trailer for the Clint Eastwood's companion film to Flags of out Fathers which also covers the battle of Iwo Jima,only this time from the side of the defeated Japanese Imperial army. The film is entitled Letters from Iowa Jima (formerly named Red Sun, Black Sand)and will most likely only be released next spring. In contrast to my dwindling interest in Flags of our Fathers, I am considerably more interested in this film (especially because it features Ken Watanabe, who is just excellent in everything). Anyway, here is a link to the trailer.

Letters from Iwo Jima trailer

Another recently released trailer is for the film The Number 23, which is directed by the horrible director Joel Schumacher (Phone Booth, Phantom of the Opera)who brought use the abysmal Batman and Robin (although Arnold Schwarzenegger saying "Freeze in Hell, Batman" remains priceless). Yet, because one of my friends likes his Phantom of the Opera and will most likely kill me if I mock it, I will be lenient on Schumacher's other films (including that one).

However, in all due honesty, this film's trailer is unintentionally hilarious and does not appear to end the never-ending downward spiral which is Schumacher's career (hopefully, we will soon be rid of him). The film is a dramatic thriller starring Jim Carrey as the protagonist which is usually enough to cast serious doubts as to film's artistic merit or quality (despite his respectable performances in films like Eternal Sunshine, Man on the Moon, or the Truman Show).

The Number 23 trailer

Here is the newly released trailer for Spiderman 3 by director Sam Raimi. Although, I am not much of a fan of the Spiderman films. Here it is nonetheless for those interested.

Spiderman 3 trailer

In addition, here is a trailer for a film entitled "Breach" starring Ryan Philippe, Laura Linney, and Chris Cooper. Based on a true story, the film revolves around the recent entry of Eric O'Neil in to the FBI and his conflicted relationship with his boss Robert Hanssen, who would later be convicted of selling state secrets to the Soviet Union (Due to its anti-communist leanings, my quasi-marxist friend will most likely avoid this film entirely). Anyway, here is the trailer.

Breach trailer

Now, finally, here is the recently released trailer of The Simpsons movie (if you haven't heard about it).

The Simpsons trailer

Pan's Labyrinth review soon (this weekend most likely).


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